First Year Seminar

First-Year Interdisciplinary Arts Seminar

First-year Linehan Artist Scholars attend a seminar (LAS 120H and 121H) every Friday with the Director, Stephen Bradley. The Seminar helps to build a sense of community between the freshmen as they share ideas about artworks and what it means to be an artist. This course requires attendance at 8-10 performances, on and off the campus each semester, journal writing and the creation of artworks that illustrate important concepts in contemporary art.

Each fall the Seminar spends five Fridays at the Baltimore Creative Alliance creating artworks with professional visual artists-in-residence at the Creative Alliance. (In fall 2013 seminar students will work in four groups to create a short film, build a sculpture with recycled materials for the Patterson Park Halloween Parade, design and paint a large mural on an urban wall and create artworks guided by a Mexican contemporary artist.) Later in the first year, Seminar students take workshops with UMBC arts faculty in dance, theatre and music, create an autobiographical digital story, practice grant writing and create inter-disciplinary works that challenge concepts of time, space and perception.

Every spring the freshmen seminar students create their own autobiographical digital story.