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Kyle Hartford’s film, EXPOSURE was accepted into the 2020 Toronto Lift-Off FIlm Festival. Kyle is a senior Theatre and Visual Arts double major. Exposure was filmed during COVID-19, when Maryland’s universities shut down and sent their students home. The film follows a photographer who must complete the last roll of a 35mm film left on earth, before he dies of a radioactive environment. Exposure reflects the fear and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. “While making Exposure, we felt like this may be the last film we would ever work on. At its core, the film is about memories, love, and loss”


During the COVID 19 pandemic, Etai Fuchs junior Music Technology major, organized a digital compilation featuring music from artists from across the country and abroad that had shows cancelled due to the pandemic. The tracks are exclusively available on the Bandcamp for a new label which Etai started (link below). Most importantly, all the proceeds are going to the artists, with priority to those with the greatest financial need.


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