The Linehan Artist Scholars Program is for students serious about pursuing their art in a university setting and who distinguish themselves artistically and academically. Scholars will partake in an arts-focused community and be able to explore their artistic endeavors with UMBC’s internationally acclaimed arts faculty. 

The program is a four-year scholarship for students who enter UMBC as freshmen with a major in the arts. Linehan Artist Scholars is an active and inclusive community of UMBC students with an exceptional interest in the arts. Scholars connect across disciplines and cohorts in a supporting environment that includes a first-year seminar, peer mentorship, community gatherings, excursions, and attending exhibitions and performances on campus by UMBC students, faculty, and guests.

As an Artist Scholar majoring in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts, rigorous academics and challenging coursework that prepare artists for success in multiple fields are to be expected. Scholars will be expected to attend scheduled events throughout their four-year scholar’s program that enhance their educational experience. These include specialized workshops, group excursions to museums and professional performances, community involvement, and field trips to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

UMBC provides a strong liberal arts education and is home to a faculty of composers, choreographers, directors, designers, photographers, computer artists, painters, filmmakers, video animators, art historians, and performers who actively engage students in creative and analytical work.

A generous gift from Earl and Darielle Linehan supports the Linehan Artist Scholars Program.

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