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Kristian is a fine arts student with a focus in animation and a minor in photography with a strong background in art history. They are strongly inspired by the world around them, no matter the state it is in, and have a passion for making art that addresses social issues surrounding the mistreatment of minorities on a global scale. Having graduated from Hammond High School, they ended on a strong note, having been announced as a merit winner of the national young arts competition the same year under the photography category. As well as numerous keys in several scholastic art competition brackets. Fast forwarding a bit, after taking a gap year after an unfortunately short time at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Kristian decided to apply to UMBC and, by extension, the Linehan Artist Scholars program.  Now in the second year of their educational journey, Kristian is eager to learn as much as they can and take advantage of any and all opportunities that come their way as an artist and advocate for basic human rights—being strongly inspired by artists and activists like Kadir Nelson and Kara Walker. Kristian, or as their peers know them, “KC”, is an artist who does not shy away from experimenting in their work and is constantly looking for and open to new insights as it is what drives them to do what they love the most. Create.

Ann Davies began her journey at Brunswick High School in Frederick County, where she was inspired by her teacher, Ashley Benitez-Smith. Ms. Benitez-Smith was not only her computer science teacher but also served as a robotics mentor, and she taught Ann valuable lessons on organization and problem-solving that continue to shape her approach to creative endeavors. Currently, Ann is pursuing a degree in Visual Arts – Cinematic Arts with minors in Theater and Print Media at UMBC.

Ann is an active member of the UMBC Musical Theater Club, where she currently holds the position of the Human Relations board member. Additionally, she’s been deeply involved in the club’s productions, having served as the Assistant Stage Manager for “The Lightning Thief” and soon taking on the role of Stage Manager for the upcoming production of “The Last Five Years.” Beyond the stage, her artistic talents extend to the visual arts, with two of her original pieces showcased at OCA MOCHA’s gallery event last spring. Her commitment to excellence extends to her academic pursuits as well, earning her a place on the President’s List last year.

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Karyn Fuquen is a sophomore in the BA track for Theatre Design and Production. This semester, she is working as an assistant set designer in the upcoming production of UMBC’s Slime 2024. In addition to contributing to the theatre department, she is also a student worker as a production hand. Recently introduced to the art of welding, she hopes to further her practice in that area and her initial passion for design. In the future, she strongly desires to pursue her career as a theatrical designer abroad to explore and collaborate with diverse experts.

Jadyn Hackley is a student studying at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, studying Choral Music Education. She is from Prince George’s County, Maryland. Jadyn has participated in music from a young age, from saxophone to piano and now voice. She has been a pianist and vocalist since the age of five. While music has always been a big passion, helping better the community around her is most important. Jadyn has been a part of the Metropolitan Youth Praise and Worship team, President of the Metropolitan Elevate Council, a teacher at the Pee Wee Piano School of the Arts, and much more. Jadyn aspires to continue to better her community by educating people on the power of music and the impact that it has on the lives around us.

is an incoming sophomore at UMBC from Walkersville, MD, and a double major in Dance and Biology. She has been dancing since she was three, and plans to open her own dance studio in the future. She also plans to work within the medical field, being either a physical therapist or physician’s assistant. She can’t wait to see how her paths cross and how the balance between her two passions work together.

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Isabella Rosario is a creative, hardworking student from Elkridge, Maryland, studying Animation at UMBC. She has always been passionate about art and seeks new methods to improve and learn. Isabella Rosario discovered a loving environment at UMBC that promotes academic and personal development. She hopes to continue making significant contributions to her area of study and society, and she is grateful that UMBC will continue supporting her educational path and ambitions.


Alissa Suser is a second-year Acting BFA student. She has performed in many straight plays and musicals in the past and will be performing in UMBC’s upcoming production of “Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy.” Alissa really enjoys how the Linehan team has connected her to so many talented artists from other disciplines

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Dorothy Thompson-Pino is a sophomore at UMBC from Columbia, MD. She is majoring in Photography and has been practicing photography for 4 years. She is currently experimenting with and exploring new techniques to expand her skills. She is excited to continue learning and growing at UMBC and with the Linehan team.