Undergraduate Research Awards

These awards provide up to $1,500 to undergraduate students to support their research or creative work with a UMBC faculty mentor on an original project. Students of all years and disciplines are invited to apply. Many Linehan Artist Scholars apply and receive this award. For further information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research.

URA applications are typically due in early May. 

  • You need a mentor, typically from your art major department
  • You’ll need to start working on your proposal in early February because you need time to discuss your research with your advisor and make revisions.
  • URA awardee must enroll in a 0-credit, no-cost PRAC through the Career Center
  • Attend required PRAC workshops during the semester
  • Complete the required PRAC online check-in surveys
  • URA requires that you present your research at URCAD (mid-April).
  • Turn in a final report that summarizes the completed research and distribution of funds.


The application should describe a project that is valuable and feasible. The student should demonstrate appropriate baseline knowledge of the subject. The committee looks favorably on situations where the student has completed a literature review and demonstrates some mastery of the techniques to be applied.

Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Students with interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged to have a mentor in each key discipline. Students may specify with which discipline their proposal should be evaluated, or ask that it be evaluated, by two or more discipline-specific sub groups.


URCAD (Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day) PRESENTERS 2022

Dylan Chao | “Through the Lens”: An Exploration of Gender, Identity, and the Queer Asian-American Experience | Prof. Jules Rosskam | Visual Arts

Joshua GrayExploring Stories Of Political Activism And Ideological Perpetuation In Black Religious Institutions | Prof. Ann Sofie Clemmensen | Dance

Paul OconeRhyme and Reason Have Returned! The Phantom Tollbooth as Interdisciplinary Allegory |
Steven McAlpine | INDS

Paul OconeContested Spaces: Negotiating Social Norms in Online Fandom | Bambi Chapin |
Sociology and Anthropology

Bella PossidenteAnimating Bouboulina: An Interactive Painting Project | Dr. April Householder |
Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships

Hanna TranSunshine | Prof. Corrie Parks | Visual Arts