Linehan Courses

Required Scholarship Courses ___________________________________________________________________

LAS 120H Introduction to the Arts I   |   First year – Fall (3 credit units)

This course provides an introductory overview of contemporary art-making processes. Through hands-on experiences, students will explore and discuss art across disciplines. Through hands-on experiences, students will explore and discuss art across disciplines (dance, music, theatre, and Visual Art) and engage in an exploration of art-making as a medium for expression and communicating ideas. The course will introduce students to various methods and practices used in the arts to push aesthetic paradigms, acquire knowledge, and develop insights intended to make personal, social, and cultural changes. The course consists of workshops, lectures, readings, discussions, and written work. Attending exhibitions and performances on and off campus is integral to the course. Students will also work with the MD Traditional Artist-in-Residence, a Maryland Folklife Program that supports activities documenting and presenting the living cultural traditions of Maryland’s diverse communities. Students will gain new insights into a particular cultural art form and, in partnership with the artist in residence, translate learned knowledge into their own art discipline.


LAS 121H Introduction to the Arts II   |   First year – Spring (3 credit units)

This course introduces artistic practice as research. As artist-researchers, students will explore, test, and extend into a diverse range of creative methodologies and work across diverse contexts. They will engage in research proposal writing, literature review, data collection methods, and project management. The weekly seminar sessions include artist talks by UMBC faculty members, visits to the Albin O. Kuhn Library, and self-structured process time. Students will complete an original research project that concludes with an oral presentation of their project findings and a written report. Students will also continue their work with the MD Traditional Artist-in-Residence, a Maryland Folklife Program. Together with the Artist, they will partake in facilitating workshops for elementary school kids focused on presenting the living cultural traditions of Maryland’s diverse communities.


LAS 220 Service Learning in the Arts   |   Second year – Fall or Spring (1 credit unit)

The course is designed for Linehan Artist Scholars providing arts-related support for the program, departments, and community organizations. This is a one-unit independent study course that is designed by the student scholar in consultation with the course supervisor. Students will develop a service plan for the semester and regularly interact with the supervisor to receive directions on service outcomes. By the end of the semester, the student will successfully have completed and documented 40 hours of service activities.

Service-learning in this course addresses engagement that fosters civic responsibility and applies teachings from the LAS first-year seminar through meaningful service to the UMBC arts community and beyond. The course provides students with experience in direct service to individuals/programs and indirect service (behind-the-scenes assistance). Weekly time commitment will vary based on a combination of conducting independent service activities, working with the course supervisor, and working on-site. Students need to complete 1 credit. Not repeatable for credits.


Additional courses _________________________________________________________________________

LAS 300 Collaborative Projects in the Arts   |   First year – Fall or Spring (1-3 credit units)

This course focuses on the creation of collaborative, interdisciplinary visual and performing artworks. Scholars can also propose a collaborative project with a collaborator outside of the arts. The course provides a platform for students to form a collaboration team (in at least two disciplines) to design and pursue a rigorous art-making process that leads to the completion of an interdisciplinary artwork for presentation. Participants will meet on a regular basis to plan, rehearse, discuss, and reflect on their creative processes. Students must submit a proposal in writing and specify the number of credits sought. This course is repeatable for credit. Students may complete a maximum of 6 credits. Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing.